Joseph Bismark Isn’t Just About Business

Joseph Bismark is a leader who knows what he is doing when it comes to the business world. He is a businessman who is not about to just sit back and let others take care of the work that needs to be done, but instead he goes out and tackles the work himself. He is the co-founder of QI Limited, and he has done a lot of good work with it. He has set up a foundation that is solid. He knows what he is doing when it comes to getting a business up and running, and he has proved that with the work that he has done for his company.

Joseph Bismark is the director of the company that he co-founded. He serves his position there and does well in it. In addition to the work that he does for his business, he is also an advocate for people to live healthier lives. He believes firmly in this. And, not only that, but he also believes in helping one another. He believes in being a kind human, and he is involved in the RYTHM foundation, which is a part of the QI group that is dedicated to being socially responsible.
He is a man who takes what he does seriously, and he has had success in his business career because of that. He has been able to co-found a company that is doing well for itself. And, he has been able to do good things for others on top of that. With his work trying to get others to live healthier lifestyles, and with his work with RYTHM, he has dedicated a lot of time to making the world a better place for others. He is a man who doesn’t just care about business, but who values people, as well

Joseph Bismark Redefines Philanthropy

Very few people in this world can say they have a goal of growing spiritually through service to humankind, but Joseph Bismark can. He is one of the founders of the hugely successful QI Group, a multi-level marketing conglomerate with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. Mr. Bismark lives by the adage “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things.” Currently he is the Managing Director of QI Group, which is a position he has held since 2008. Often regarded as talented, dynamic and versatile leader, Mr. Bismark has shaped management style around his vedic philosophies. He has also been responsible for QI Group’s venture into wellness and organic foods, a move which clearly puts the health and welfare of all concerned at the forefront of this holistic move. Mr. Bismark also devotes a large amount of his time to overseeing the RYTHM Foundation, which is the corporate social responsibility arm of the QI Group. He does indeed live to serve others.

Vedism is one of the oldest religions in India. This religion takes its name from collections of texts called the Vedas. These texts are sacred to those that practice this religion, which dates back to the 2nd millennium BCE. Vedic worshippers are known to offer sacrifices to the gods, and the hope is the gods will look kindly upon them with good fortune and abundance. This is why Mr. Bismark is particularly interested in the making the lives of others better. Through his religious studies, he has learned the more sacrifices he makes, and the more he helps others, the more this will come back to him. It is fundamental to his nature as a follower of vedism. Several of the tenets of vedism are apparent in Hinduism today, which is one of the largest religions in the world with nearly a billion followers, who are primarily located in India and Asia, the part of the world QI Group calls home.

As a healthy living staunch advocate, it is no surprise Mr. Bismark is responsible for QI Group’s venture into wellness and organic foods. In 2007, they acquired Down to Earth, an organic and natural whole food store located in Hawaii. The entire focus of this chain is to make the health of Hawaiians better through providing access to organic, wholesome foods. This was one of the first acquisitions QI Group made congruent with the direction Mr. Bismark wants to take the company in, which is opening up access to healthier, life-preserving nutrition for all.

Vijay Eswaran, the other co-founder of QI Group, started the RYTHM Foundation, which is the corporate social responsibility are of the QI Group. This charitable trust, headquartered in Hong Kong, has 3 areas of priority: children with special needs, community development and community well-being. Joseph Bismark contributes vast amounts of his time to the RYTHM Foundation, overseeing its operations. Both founders of this corporation clearly have a lot of concern for helping others. The RYTHM Foundation is a large part of what QI Group stands for in its mission. In fact, in July 2011, Mr. Aswaran was named one of the “48 Heroes of Philanthropy” by Forbes Asia. The Vijayaratnam Foundation in Malaysia is yet another charitable organization the QI Group is responsible for starting in Malaysia.

Corporate social responsibility is often defined as a business that self-monitors itself in accordance with legal, moral and ethical standards. A small number of companies take this one step further and go far beyond what is minimally required by law. These companies proactively take action to further social good. Mr. Bismark, and his co-founder of QI Group, are committed to being better corporate citizens, engendering good will with charitable organizations, and through the direct impact on the lives of others through the work they do with the RYTHM Foundation.

A Spiritual Businessman – Joseph Bismark

Many businessman will argue that spirituality and marketing should never be linked together, but Joseph Bismark has made a business model out of doing just that. Bismark is a member of the board of directors of the Qi Group. Currently he is working with the company’s main subsidiary Qnet to take them to new levels of success with his unique approach to business and his novel ideas.

At age nine, Joseph Bismark left the comforts and privileges of his modern life, and the young boy started down the path of a monk in a Hindu ashram in the Philippine mountains. He lived and studied in the ashram until he was 17. As he came back to the modern world he quickly entered the business field. As he worked he kept the lessons he had learned close to him. Bismark let his spiritual principles guide him as he practiced business, and used them to build a unique place for himself in the world. In December of 2008, Bismark took on the mantle of Managing Director for the QI Group of Companies and played an essential part in the foundation of Qnet. He is one of the co founders of the RHYTHM foundation; the social responsibility part of the QI Group. He remains an active member of the foundation. Joseph Bismark is a man who maintains that everyone has the power to excel. He makes it his duty to give people the push or help that people need in order to propel themselves forward. He has always believed in the strength of a team, and the power of being goal oriented. Bismark seeks to grow the QI Group while also growing the personnel he works with. His personality and powerful leadership skills are what have made him one of the most favored managers at Qnet.

Joseph Bismark lives his life in a simple fashion. The humble, down to earth nature of his lifestyle is a large part of what has helped him preserve his core values even in the face of his tremendous success. He understands that success is a fleeting, temporary thing. This outlook keeps Bismark from becoming complacent; in order to stay successful, he must constantly be pushing himself and his ideas forward. Bismark understands that his employees are his most irreplaceable assets. He encourages a fraternal relationship among his employees and treats all of them with respect. Joseph Bismark’s unique brand of spiritual business practices have made him a source of inspiration for countless people across the world. His actions reflect his early time spent in the ashram. They can’t be measured by material and financial achievements alone. The measure of his worth also depends on his inner peace, spiritual growth, and his selfless commitment to community service. This commitment can be seen with his ties to multiple charitable organizations, and his continual work with the RHYTHM foundation. Bismark currently lives in Singapore, and he spends his time with his family.

Spirtual Marketing

Joseph Bismark is no stranger to success, but what sets him apart from thousands of others trying to climb the cooperate business ladder is his spiritual manifests that have helped him rise swiftly to the top. As a member of the board for QI Group of Companies he works with a subsidiary called Qnet and helps them flourish with his level headed and unique approach to business matters. With years of experience and millions captivated by his unique approach to the dull and stressful market he pushes companies to new heights with the help of his very profitable ideas and wisdom.

It takes a kid with dreams to turn into a man with his strength and calm demeanor in a world stricken with anxiety and stress. For Bismark, it started when he left the cushy home his parents had provided for him at the age of nine to live the life of a monk in the mountains. He lived in ashram until he was seventeen and then returned to enter the corporate world with the calming principals of the monks still burning inside him. Unlike most business men he carried the principals with him over from his persona life to his professional world which created a pool of interest in his unique thought process and ideas.

In 2008 he took the position of Managing Director for IQ, his deep trust and emphasis in teamwork aiding to the growth of the company exponentially. To him, everyone is born with the ability and drive to succeed, and believes people sometimes just need a helping hand or a soft push in the right direction. His calm way of living his private life has also transferred into the company, he believes in a healthy diet and has steered the company’s interest into organic food and wellness. Another branch of the group he keeps active in is the RHYTHM Foundation which is the Corporate Social Responsibility branch of the QI group.

As much success as he has found in his years with the QI Group he still firmly believes success to be temporary. That foundation keeps him driven to push his employees and company further, neutering and growing as a group rather than individually. He not only has a wide following from other business consultants and prospective company owners, his own employees have a tremendous amount of respect for him and the way he leads the company.

He continues to spread the message of inner peace and how spirituality affects the business world through his books, his speeches and his social media profiles including his Facebook and Twitter. The understanding that success is not purely based on materialism has turned heads towards his direction and brought philanthropists into a more positive light. He shows people all over the world you can be successful without stepping on people to get up higher and that the business world can be calm rather than anxiety inducing. As the company grows, Bismark also grows and hopes to continue sharing his wisdom for years to come.
Joseph Bismark brings spirituality to the business world, thus creating a blend of business acumen and calm reason. This combination continues to create an aura of success expanding to both his business and personal life. As a member of the board of directors of the QI Group with the title of Managing Director, he has helped the company achieve the heights of profitability expanding across the globe.

Although Joseph started life with an unusual upbringing by leaving home at the age of nine to become a monk, his decision to use his remarkable training to become a corporate guru instead. His training in an ashram in the Philippines until the age of seventeen installed the principles that have made him a favorite in the business world. These teachings have allowed him to be versatile and to excel, not only in business, but as a philosopher and author of The Gem Collection: A Compilation of Wisdom. In his book, he expounds the philosophies that aided in his rise to success from a man with no formal education, to co-founder and Managing Director of the QI Group. With his mantra “We are not the physical body, we are spirit-souls. True happiness lies in the understanding of our real identity as spirit souls and not the physical body,” he has mastered the body, mind, and soul to create success. He feels that he can share with others as a mentor and teacher as well as a yoga instructor, philosopher and martial artist helping others to achieve success in business and life.

Whereas most find the corporate world to be stressful, Mr. Bismark has found success through combining his spirituality with the demands of running an international conglomerate. As a member of the board of directors of the QI Group, he now focuses on building Qnet, the principal subsidiary of QI, to the peak of profitability. His believes that creating an atmosphere of brotherhood and harmony will lead to working together to solve problems and create innovative ideas in the workplace. His personal philosophy of treating his employees with respect has paid off with an increase of profitability and has made him a favorite within the company.

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